Welcome to One World Yoga!

Please join us every Sunday @ 10:30am for a one hour of Yoga designed to strengthen and add flexibility to the body and mind through the practice of Yoga.

Our Yoga Program is part of your One World membership (Boot Camp, CrossFit, Krav Maga, Jiu-Jitsu) at NO additional cost.

Guest of One World (non-members) are always encouraged to drop in! The drop-in fee for guest is 15.00.

Yoga Schedule

31 Dec

Happy New Year One World!There are no classes tomorrow but the gym doors will be open from 8am to 11am. Please show up no later than 10am in order to get a good workout. I’m locking the gym doors at 11am sharp!

06 Nov

In the East, God is not a person – God is the very stuff the universe is made of. God is not a creator – God is creativity. And the creator and the creation are just two aspects of the same creative energy. -Osho Personally, Godliness, in whic ... Continue Reading

26 Oct

Today’s yoga life lesson: “Let go of desire and seek just to exist in moment.” Then this picture happened. Peace, smiles, and  to all this gorgeous Sunday! Namaste

25 Oct

Hope you are enjoying your weekend! -Justin “A businessman never has time for himself: no time to enjoy, no time to meditate, no time to love. Are you also busy? Then you are a businessman. Or have you got some time to waste, to meditate, just to be ... Continue Reading

19 Oct

Crossfit Kindred’s “Throw back Throw Down” LOL…this competition was fun, intense, intimate, loud, big, small, ferocious, timid, fast, slow, and smooth with a lot of pressure on the side. Jeff and Cindy were a great group of host, B ... Continue Reading