Welcome to One World Yoga!

Please join us every Sunday @ 10:30am for a one hour of Yoga designed to strengthen and add flexibility to the body and mind through the practice of Yoga.

Our Yoga Program is part of your One World membership (Boot Camp, CrossFit, Krav Maga, Jiu-Jitsu) at NO additional cost.

Guest of One World (non-members) are always encouraged to drop in! The drop-in fee for guest is 15.00.

Yoga Schedule

02 Jul

Please reserve your spot today for:Come get DUNKEDLocation – One WorldThis is a very accurate and trustworthy form of body fat testing. You can also gain a better understanding your body’s resting metaboic rate (caloric needs). Using the hydro ... Continue Reading

30 Jun

Parents it looks like another program for children and teens will be starting soon. Please stay tuned for more information on times, days, prices and age requirements. Can anyone identify the kids in this photo?

28 Jun

At Breathe, we call it Floating Lotus.

25 Jun

“Yoga also has an inner dimension—meditation or the development of higher consciousness. This is the real purpose of yoga, the focus of dharana, dhyana, and samadhi, which together form a single process—samyama, or meditation in the broadest sen ... Continue Reading

22 Jun

Good morning, Sunshine!