Gymnastics with Maria

Gymnastics are exercises developing or displaying physical strength, flexibility, balance and coordination. The older we get, the more we need to work on these skills. 



05 Aug

Gymnastics movements can be modified for just about all body types. It’s a matter of working at it. Work at it, but have fun with it! Christina has been training Wednesdays for a little over 2 months (on and off). She had no prior gymnastics experie ... Continue Reading

29 Jul

Gymnastics is great for just about everything we do in life. As we get older, we need to get in touch with our childhood fun days. Little Kiera showed us her cheerleader jump!

08 Jul

Gymnastics fun on the Tumbl Trak. Little Brook showing the adults how it’s done! Brook performed a round-off, back handspring. 

07 Jul

One World Promotional shirts will be available early next week! The purpose of the shirt is to “raise the awareness” of the entire One World community! Please grab one and wear it well! As members of the One World community, you have been our ... Continue Reading

02 Jul

Saturday the 4th we will be closed. Coach Chris will hold a class at 7:00 AM for BOTH Bootcamp and Crossfit. This will be the only training of the day.Enjoy the 4th!!