Gymnastics with Maria

Gymnastics are exercises developing or displaying physical strength, flexibility, balance and coordination. The older we get, the more we need to work on these skills. 



23 Sep

Why does stretching so hard?! We power through wods, lift heavy weights, and do other crazy stuff. Most of us don’t take the time to stretch out before and after the wods. Being flexible and having good range of motion reduces the risk of injuries. ... Continue Reading

16 Sep

The “stacked” position is important for handstand work. Harvey is assisting Ron achieve that important -sometimes elusive- position. 

19 Aug

Gymnastics requires strength, flexibility, and coordination. JP is demonstrating the “Dragon Walk” or the “Spiderman.” This movement tests the strength, flexibility, and coordination of the entire body. Most importantly, JP is havi ... Continue Reading

15 Aug

Gymnastics Skills and Drills Day! Gymnastics is the big portion of the pyramid shape. A lot of athletes power their way through movements -like ring and bar muscle ups without proper body positioning. Without the basic fundamentals of balance, movement, f ... Continue Reading

12 Aug

Chris has a very busy schedule. He finally got to join the gymnastics class today.  Chris rocked everything I threw at him on the Tumbl Track. The pic is his first try at head spring movement. He rocked the other trys!