Gymnastics with Maria

Gymnastics are exercises developing or displaying physical strength, flexibility, balance and coordination. The older we get, the more we need to work on these skills. 



06 Jan

A basic but hard body weight position -headstands. Improper alignment can cause serious neck injuries. Herbie and Erwin demonstrate a mirror headstand variation.

30 Dec

Irene has been working on her handstands and handstand push ups. All her hard work is paying off! 

16 Dec

The bridge is so simple when we are young and pliable. It’s never too late to work on it. It just takes time and a good coach to make sure you have the proper assistance. Coach Harvey is assisting Christina through this challenging position. 

09 Dec

Parents and kids day at OneWorld! Jesse preforming a unique crab position with the assistance of her twins! 

25 Nov

Its always nice to have a Parent & Me Day. Parents were trying hard to keep up with their youngsters!